Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

incredibly grotesque

wonderful animation, the sound and animation synced together perfectly. i like your style, make more

Peda responds:

i will look forward to making more as much as you look forward to seeing them


That was really awesome. The ending was almost jaw dropping. Great idea; keep up the good work.

Peda responds:

Wanted to make the ending seem bigger and more cinematic- but the whole point of the movie was sticking to the style- so i couldnt allow myself to do that. Glad u loved it though!


This was top-notch work and very enjoyable to watch. The amount of control used in the artwork, scene staging, and animation very obviously set the crudeness of the drawing and color scheme apart as intentional choices that lend to the overall meaning.

I was impressed overall with the fluidity of the animation, perspectives employed in the staging, and especially with the overall point of the piece (something on NG with a deeper meaning than just sex and violence...whoa!).

Truly a work of art.

Peda responds:

Thank you VERY, VERY much for the attention paid to how I created the movie- it was always my main concern that I wanted the movie to look good and flow, else interest is lost in the surroundings and character and I get bad reviews. I too agree that it is such a rare thing to not have movies on newgrounds purely running on sex or violence (most noteably ones which suit no other purpose). Other movies I am not all too fond of are obviously bad submissions put on and immediately removed, and submissions with hardly a scratch of originality (usually sprite movies here). thanks for the review!

This is the best.

This is so funny. You are a morbid genious. Make another one. But make it with some bad luck domino style humor. like have him kick a pebble onto the road only to have a truck hit it and fly into and destroy a grocery store. Just a suggestion.

Thank goodness that doesn't happen every day

I love the style, the ambient noise was nice too (sometimes music can just take away from a good flash). And to boot, I can say we've all had one of those days where everything goes wrong (well cept mabye a plane crashing at our feet). Rock on, that was awesome.