Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

No matter what happens, just keep walking.

Decent animation, and good theme. If there's a person who's constantly happy and cheerful and just gets on your nerves, just have them watch this. You'll see the joyfulness drain from their face. Good times, good times.

I liked it.

Well, he does have more interesting life than I do...

Very depressing.

Now, you are the kind of person who thinks of death way too much. My sound was off, so sound is zero here. Graphics were cute, and the cat and bird looked realistic. Violence was 6 for constant deaths in the flash movie. There was no humor, and i dont think it was meant tmo have humor. Interactivity... well... the play button? lol.
I say, make the next flash happier then this one. Dead animals and dead people are kind of... sad. But, don't stop making more. You have incredible potential.
Peace out ya'll.


typical day


I think, that you think of death too much.