Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

it was pretty amusing

i like it how u did the movement with the stick person. it's kinda difficult for me to think how to say about it when i watched it, but i think the video is relating what people see in real life. although not may people do the gross stuff, but it could be what people would be thinking when they see something infront of them


Very nice.. loved ur story line (or is there any?)
By the way, graphics was good
Style was perfect
Sound was perfect
Some gore and blood
Lol? Just leave the scene? I giggled there for a sec
Good luck on your next projects!

Very nice...

Makes you think twice about saying "I just had the worst day ever!"
I agree that you should make more cartoons in that style.

Dark Humor

If you didn't get it then you've never had a bad day.
This is dark humor, and suits me just fine.
Add more of this, or make a series, this cheers me up!



it was odd as in i didn't get it so it was kinda weird to watch. the end part didn't make sense either i just think you snuck that whole plane crash in there to make that excessive violence sign you put up at the top true. it didn't really have a story or plot to it so next time i recomend making a script or story and then remaking it.