Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

very dark humour

I wouldnt call this a masterpiece but it si good for what it is.

I havent really felt sorry for anyone for a long time so it was very 'awakening' to watch this. I gave you a '6' for the graphics not because of what could be seen as a lazy attempt as i read your briefing on it, however i felt that your style seemed a bit lacking in that you hadnt quite figured out how you wanted everything to move, in my opinion that is...

One thing i dont understand is why he simply walked off after the plane crash instead of trying to help any possible survivors, it seemed a bit harsh to be honest.

Overall i loved how you accomplished the feeling of depression and bitter irony throughout the flash.

Maybe you could make this character a Newgrounds regular?

Let me see more soon :)

Well---I LIKED IT.

Is there something behind it though? It's strange that all the guy really saw was death, decay and failure. Or is it just you being silly? Or is that you? :P

pretty good,...the poor guy ehh havin a bad day

i liked it,..it was good pretty graphic the guy is havin a bad day cuts himself with razor,sees a dead cat,pukes,drops letter in toilet very ironic ending lol


What a horrible little story. Nice animation otherwise.

Reminds me of how I used to draw like 10 years ago

Other than that it seems to be a good concept and that guy is pretty lucky. Everyone dieing but him.