Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

sick funny!

Dude! That was so intensly funny! Like men-in-black style plane crash, and maggot water?!?!?! Funny as hell!!

...wait..hell ain funny....or is it?


I'm speechless. I love "silent" animations. Not one word was spoken here, for the better and yet, sounds are just stunning. Yes, yes, I know they are from media-library and that they are not complicated enough to win an oscar;) but along with this specific type of animation it's just great. I felt like I was watching some ambitious non-hollywood movie. I don't know what to say, except it's great. As for the subject of this animation.. Well, some people need that kind of films. Personally I just like the anims and sounds. Great work.

Thank goodness that doesn't happen every day

I love the style, the ambient noise was nice too (sometimes music can just take away from a good flash). And to boot, I can say we've all had one of those days where everything goes wrong (well cept mabye a plane crashing at our feet). Rock on, that was awesome.

kinda weird but its ok

Its ok and wrid but is kinda boring like but i see that this took you long time to make 2so i otta give you some credit.

Dude WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was one of the grossest things I have ever seen. I only know 3 kinds of people who would make this (Goths, Depressed people, and phycos).
how can you you can sleep at night because I know I wont be able to.
I hope your real proud of yourself.

Peda responds:

Vry nice, thanks for humoring me. No of course I'm not a Goth, my policy on life is completely anti-depressing (always happy), and I'm too level headed to be a psycho. You missed whatever catagory I may fit best in which is the eccentric muse. I enjoy things of a different 'taste', yet too decent to be crazy.
Let's just say I watched a lot of South Park as a kid. But still appreciate the comic brilliance and original animation style.
I recognise the genius in such things, even the simplest of things. So I am eccentric- but I sleep VERY well at night, and yes- very proud. Sweet Dreams