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Shinsetsu, Pas Ecchi

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If you want to tell me I suck or my animation sucks, please also include how I can improve. Else show me what you can do, or I will just ignore your comments and let others see how pathetic you are in writing something that is hateful for no reason. I do all my flashes with a hand, my mouse, and Flash MX and if you can do better, I'll be glad to hear from you, see your creations, and learn.

Otherwise, if you write a constructively critical review or anything positively rewarding to read, I will respond.

This is another FlashGa like Andrea's Heart. Flash ga is the in-between of manga and anime... meaning animation is minimal but still more than a manga... Flashga-- my neologism and creation :)

Warning, there are mild themes of sexuality. Unlike my first two flashes, this one is longer and it has my favorite element in most movies, comedy... well at least if you can understand my wacky humor. I am a big fangirl of games and you can guess which two are on the top of my list from this movie. The music streams even til the end so if you want to rewatch, just close the window and click on the thumbnail again.

Story: Luna wakes up... She kills her katamari alarm clock. She proclaims she will never wear another bra... She walks to school and gets assaulted by a snowball. Her attacker is the guy she's had a crush on for ages. She cries and then... To be continued if it gets an adequate fanbase...

Shinsetsu means snow or hope... Dedicated to Mia and yaoi fangirls comme ma soeur Mayuiki of Deviantart.

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I don't give a poop about FF, but this was cute as hell.

God job! :)

That movie is cool and have a sense , best scence was with sephiroth :3


I would have to say nice job. It is a little (correction; ALOT) random, but perhaps a storyline or something along those lines would help?
Nice choice of music, and great humor :o

Awww.. Bomee, I luffles you

You're a very brave woman... And this flash tends to be true a lot, very depressing. That a man can be so sadistic to someone that loves him and leaves her for another guy... So screwed up... -Cries at this, loving it.-


really pretty music and good animation! :)