Reviews for "Shinsetsu, Pas Ecchi"

great work..

..I liked Farewell and Andrea's Heart...so good job. I like your animations. You put a lot of emotion into your posts. Keep up the good work.

Bomee responds:

i see that you've supported my creations since the beginning and for that, i thank you from the very bottom of my cardiac muscle :) hehe. *hugs* It really brings me a feeling that I can not put into words to have people like you appreciate what i do, perhaps it is a euphoria :)

pretty good stuff

AT times the graphics were outstanding and sometimes they look a bit rushed. There were lots of different scenes however, and I am sure this took a lot of work. Overall I am pretty impressed with the graphics however. Not alot of walking or running, I would have liked to seen some of that as well.
The music set a nice tone and the story is a touching one. Good script. Voice actor would have been nice but I liked the sub-titles just as well. They went by at a nice pace too. Not too fast. And were easily seen against the different backgrounds.
A movie doesn't have to have alot of interactivity but it was okay here. The message at the end was a nice touch before the replay gutton came up.
THere is no entertainment button so I used humor to represent that and I was greatly entertained by this. You have a flair for manga. I hope you keep at it. Good luck.

Bomee responds:

it was a day's work and by the time i got to the last scenes, i was so tired of it i did rush it to end lol. I still need to find out how you can loop a background so that a character or item appears to be moving forward and also how to transition from scene to scene better. I thank you very much for the kind words and wonderful review. it is encouragement for me to make more :) arigato!

very good

i'm a fan of anime, manga and now this too.if you need voices count me in.

Bomee responds:

aww thanks :) i will remember the next time i make a flash and need a voice :) *hugs*

Great Flash ^_^

The art was very good, I felt it needed voices though...(sorry for the ridicule). had many random moments that made it very funny, in all it was very good ^_^


Bomee responds:

aww thankies. i have no voice recorders. surprising to say, i do know how to animate lip synching. mebbe when i find good voice volunteers, my next one will have voices. it isn't ridicule, it's good advice, i thank you :)

Wow lovely art...

very expressive...I really felt the artwork and the style of the flash. Very nice I hope you make plenty more, cause flashes like this are always entertaining to watch when your looking for something soft and yet intrguing. pardon spelling hands cold! hehe

Bomee responds:

I love you :)