Reviews for "Shinsetsu, Pas Ecchi"

im generous to day ^_^ 10 point's...

Touchy flash movie..i really like it..you goo girl! yatta!( ^_^)

ps.do more episodes and i will watch.. ^_^

Bomee responds:

aww a sensitve guy! :) thankies! Arigato. Love ya :)

^_^ <3 x2!

Two words...Very cuuute. ^^ The artwork was simply beautiful, the music went well with the theme of the flash, and the animation was clean and very smooth. Breathtaking flash, Ms. Bomee. I hope to see more of your flashes in the future. ^_^

Bomee responds:

i'll be sure to keep you updated on the next flash. thankies very much for a very heartwarming review :) u are too kind to me :) XD *hugs*


"you hurt me in little ways" im sorry but that one made me laug...ten in all catagories and a five in the score things cause i think this is funny(and it premotes freedom of expressoin i.e girls "letting thre babies fly" or howerver you so eloquently put it...i also liked the incorperatoin of that kamatari dude and sephiroth


Great drawings but what was the plot of this? are you saying that Ian is gay or are you joking?


What is yaoi?Good Movie!