Reviews for "Shinsetsu, Pas Ecchi"


Just wrote this review to get that insulting one off the screen, I've watched this a few times now and although I think your other work is better, it is very stylish and a bit intrigueing.

Keep up the good work, but be a bit more serious about animations.

Bomee responds:

thanx luv, that's very kind of u! i agree, i need to work on animating, it's not my forte... i think i'm sticking to little animation click games lol :)


that was retarded. i rated sound 0 bcuz i had my volume down. either way im sure it sucked and i dont wna watch it again to see. the animation WAS bad and was completely random in most parts. i dont have flash animator but im sure i could do betr than that. u noob >P ps. wtf kind of nudity is that?!

Bomee responds:

aww too bad you had to watch the whole thing then. yea im a noob. too bad people actually like my flashes and play my game :(


im amamzed by your stuffthe drawing with the mouse by hand stuff its awesome and i get get enough of your stuff i checked out my cup of tea thats awesome go check that out people its awesome!!!! and play her game!!!!!!anyways......lol im just a big fan of your stuff and i like the set these bys free something along those lines thats something i would do lol very funny


I thought it was pretty good. Plus, it was funny!!! I say 2 thumbs up!

Bomee responds:

thankies! ^_^


It was very cute <( o w o )>!!!!!

Bomee responds:

hehe, no, you're cuter! ^.^