Reviews for "Shinsetsu, Pas Ecchi"

It's Cute... but what is it?

Anime-Ga as you so affectionately call it, seems like an attempt to get out of actually having to anime something. This would be much nicer as something on Deviant Art, not so much as a flash. I just don't quite understand the purpose of the flash element, 'cause there's no real movement.

Either way, the art is cute, although not without its flaws. And the script is fun, I guess, although rather jumpy.

It's nice, but I think you should stick to dramatic pieces, as the humor seemed way too forced. It was really just, "Haha, bras are painful." and "It's nice, oh noes, 4 sno-bawl."

But whatever, that's just my opinion. It's all really very nice, and it makes for a fun, feel-good story. Good luck with the next one.

Bomee responds:

FLASH-GA! lol. Not anime, not manga, because flash can never replace real anime. unfortunately hardly anyone visits my deviation account, so I try at newgrounds. But thankies, it sums up again what i need to work on, Animation, to make it big in the flash world. :)

im generous to day ^_^ 10 point's...

Touchy flash movie..i really like it..you goo girl! yatta!( ^_^)

ps.do more episodes and i will watch.. ^_^

Bomee responds:

aww a sensitve guy! :) thankies! Arigato. Love ya :)

Could be better.

The graphics were fine, but the animation could have been way better.

Bomee responds:

aye i agree :) considering i'm self taught, I'd say it will take a few more tries before i can finally get the animation part down. thanks for the review :)

Try harder next time.

it's not too bad but u should consider putting more time and effort into your movies. it's not like there's any kind of dead-line. but keep it up.

Bomee responds:

that is so true. I just rush them all so I can do a few a week but none will be the best... that is very good advice. I'll keep it to heart. thanks :)

Great animations!

I enjoyed that alot, and I loved the anime style you used. = )

"OMFG Sephiroth!" haha, hilarious!

Good background music and the storyline was interesting too. Even though I still dont understand all of it yet. :P

Anyway best of luck to you and I hope to see more flash from you soon. You deserve a cookie but I dont have any cookies so im just gonna smile and nod politely. = )

Bomee responds:

Luna is a big videogame fangirl like me... this is just the first episode of shinsetsu... she just told Ian she loves him... what will he do? Luna is very wacky... lol... but i'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the review :)