Reviews for "Shinsetsu, Pas Ecchi"

Your best.

I guess I just happened to save the best for last with you. This is definitely your best movie. It started off a little weird and I didn't get the beginning, but the rest of it was great. The story seemed very personal and was very cute. The graphics were very well done for the most part, but some parts of it were a little iffy. Great music as always. Very good job, this is definitely your best.

Bomee responds:

thankies, i do think this was one i wanted to make a series into. i'm still experimenting, but i do think my series flash will be about a girl like the one in Shinsetsu. again, thank you for all your reviews :)

^_^ <3 x2!

Two words...Very cuuute. ^^ The artwork was simply beautiful, the music went well with the theme of the flash, and the animation was clean and very smooth. Breathtaking flash, Ms. Bomee. I hope to see more of your flashes in the future. ^_^

Bomee responds:

i'll be sure to keep you updated on the next flash. thankies very much for a very heartwarming review :) u are too kind to me :) XD *hugs*


I'm sorry, I didn't like it very much at all. It's just my personal opinion but I didn't like the style in which it was executed. Also, I can tell this flash went with your current mood at different points of producing it as you clearly get a little lazy in very small parts.
HOWEVER!!! I thought the art work was drawn VERY well and I'm more impressed with the fact that you used a MOUSE to draw everything. I can appreciate how challenging that is. Although I would recommend investing in a tablet as they make life so much easier.
Good luck in future works!

Bomee responds:

my sister who can draw 100Xs better than me hogs our tablet :) thanks for the review... aye i did get lazy :)

ave seied it 3 tiems now but

i like ur animation there is 2 things weong 1 its too how should i put this lovey 2 the gay stuff that is just wrong but i liked the part where she threw off her bra and seid let ur boobies free i laffes so hard at that

Bomee responds:

hehe i dunno :)

that is quite funny, yes?

thankies, you are very kind and thoughtful :) *bows*

5'd for Ian's secret.

'Nuff said.

Bomee responds:

hahah thankies!! :) *hugs and dances around for the five*