Reviews for "Shinsetsu, Pas Ecchi"


great work. keep it up

Bomee responds:

thankies, you are too kind :) *hugs*



LOLZ that made me lauph, keep it up

Bomee responds:

wow thankies :) *hugs*

lol :D

i really liked it :) i thought it would be another waste of my time, and i was extremlly wrong :D good animation, but a tad bit twitchy when they moved (^^) good job

Bomee responds:

acks i thought twitching was the way to go! lol thanks, it actually is a waste of my time to make but to read reviews like this proves it was all actually worth my while :) *hugs*


LOL! Well that was rather funny. "OMG Sephiroth!" ><! Keep up the good work. And try to integrate some more comedy in later submitions, but not so often (i.e.: every few "episodes", just for kicks)

Bomee responds:

thankies. my first two submissions were the emo sad kind so I thought this should be a little more funny... but I guess one would have to have played katamari damacy to get one of the jokes, and like FFVII to get the other... haha :) thanks for the nice review

I didn't get it either......

But it was good nonetheless. I like it. 3/5

Bomee responds:

aww thanks :) *hugs*