Reviews for "Shinsetsu, Pas Ecchi"


Okay this was okay.
Before I comment on the movie I want to ask one question that will probably make me sound like an idiot. Is that a picture of you in your profile?
It is just funny cause usually all these anime flash girls usually look like dikes and things. But I guess you're an exception, and thats really good. Um....yeah.

Lol sorry for that.
Anyways get rid of your pre-loader and replace it with something better. Seriously something a bit simpler and not as messy. Also lose the girl with flying discs for the creator intro or whatever. That just looks bad.

This wasnt horrible. Your submissions are good and like you said it is hard to draw well with a mouse.


Still not too keen on the story.

some selected aspects

++ Some of the artwork is rather nicely drawn. You have good drawing skills.

+ I kinda like how it's all different styles.

++ For once, I could understand your story. Except for Seph. Was that just a random insert, or did she think her crush was Seph for a moment? That was kinda confusing...

-- When the snowball was being thrown, it was just too slow. There were other bits which I felt suffered from a similar problem.

- The story seemed a little insubstantial. I mean, it had a bit of comedy at the start (which made me half-smile) then a bit about the characters, then a yaoi thing for the fangirls. No exploration of the characters and the comedy was a bit lacking. It's really all about the naked dudes, isn't it?


Better than 'Andrea's heart' in pretty much every aspect. Seems like you're improving, so keep at it. Hope I've helped give you some pointers.

By the way what's with your pre-loader? The face looks like it's a button meant to link to your site or something, but clicking on it doesn't do anything.

Stay funky,
- Bez


A little slow for my likes, but it was very pretty ^ ^ The art was great and I have no qualms with it, or the yaoi.... 'cept... you should have kept the yaoi pic up longer... ::drools like the crazy she is::

A moment for the yaoi fangirls

Me personally I always loved a good moment where things are dedicated to a group for one or another. This flash as if I took it was very random and yet had the story line that was simple enough to follow. You can tell that this flash really had enough effort to be put on the site so that you can see where your skills are coming along. It's so sad that your first flash got blammed. It's ok though maybe it was a well lesson deserved. At least your coming along with the other ones. I hope you will be bringing your other ones eventually that is in the process of making. Now then I find that simple sceanes for myself can always depict the mood of things. This flash has a wee bit of giggling moments and serious moments at the same time. To the Yaoi fangirls...this is probably more so for you but even then it's just a glimpse...*a little clapping from me* It's no hurrah but it's a wee bit enough for me to offer to you.


There are OK graphics in this flash. Of course, I know how difficult it is to draw using a mouse on the computer. The animation, you are aware it isn't good. It's OK, but hopefully it can improve. The sound, meh, I didn't like it but it did match with the flash well. This flash, it didn't interest me much. Sorry. :| Some nice work anyway.