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FFXI: Pointy Hats

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I'd like to first admit that this was intended for people who play FFXI but it's not hard to understand

Anyway, some background info that helps clear things up(kinda some spoilers):
In FFXI (Square's MMORPG) players are divided into separate servers, I play on Carbuncle as Aoshi.
But on every server there are gil sellers. Easy concept, people who play to earn gil and sell it for real cash. They're illegal, and hated by the way. The last guy you see is a gil seller.
And the theme around 'pointy hats' is based on Optical Hats. Basically a damn awesome equip that you have to go thru hell to get, it's a million gil just to be able to acquire it on our server =X
The first 5 guys you see are all in my linkshell, or clan.
And there you have it. Oh, and yeah, it's a big change in pace on how I do my Flash >.>

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I love that FF7 Chocobo music.

10 just for the song. Now Im gonna go play FF7 lol. Great movie! I love Final Fantasy

yeah were in the world can i get those

i have the gil and im a white mage sub blmge oh im lifesav on garuda

ZeroX4 responds:

Shout in Jeuno for a Hakutaku Cluster, or for the eye ingredients and then an alchemist to synth it... This'll require you to have a high level experienced party to go and kill the item-spawned NM which drops it.

XD I lol'd.

I play on Cerberus, and a million gil sounds ludicrous. XD But then, someone nerfed the price on eye clusters a long time ago. ;_;' 'Bout 100k now, sadly (sadly,that is, if you and your people are the ones farming the eyes and making the clusters...)

Anyhow, very cute and funny animation about the fugliest hats in all of gamedom. It may be THE hat to have, but unless I'm actually fighting something that presents any kind of a challenge, I just wear my corsage. XD

Hey, just 'cuz I'm a monk doesn't mean I wanna walk around looking like a Bic pen. :P

ZeroX4 responds:

Ditto haha; they don't match with anything, but I guess the fact that everyone does it makes it trendy, no?

And yeah.... That would actually be good news for me, the price, if I still played =3 I still never got my Ohat.

lol i love it

hah woot! =/ makes me wana play FF was recently hacked :x <.< They threw away my O-hat /cry...

anyway lol yar this flash ish how it is xD can you upload this to Youtube? LOL i would love ta put this on Myspace (FoSham!!) and my 5 friends (ya so poupler xD)

great flash ^_^

ZeroX4 responds:

I have actually seen it on youtube before, but it was fugly cause of my awkward resolution. But I'll get to it eventually if you'd like ^^

Too random

Seriously now, that was just way too random

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Nov 26, 2005
7:22 PM EST
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