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Air Defence 3!!

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Air Defence 3: Final AirBattle. Build your base, create units, find a tactic, and defend the air... Enjoy

(plz review :), I read them all)
(little update: Made it a little easier) Tnx for frontpage :)

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Good Game But Rocket Turret Never Destroyed After Dying

It's ok.

Not the greatest but it did get very hard later on because there were so many planes and they were all strong.

Decent, but lacks things to do

The thing about this game is it's difficult to tell if you're actually doing anything. The AI handles most of the targeting, and firing randomness takes care of the rest, so your job is basically to sit there and get upgrades. The tower missile upgrade and missile tower are so expensive yet so useless, because by the time you can afford it, you have like 30 flak tanks with maxed RoF upgrades, and if you don't, you'd have lost by then anyway. Even when you have no flak tanks, it's hard to tell if you're aiming correctly because the bullets are so random.

Once you get max upgrades in everything, you basically win the game and there's nothing left to do but buy health and go afk, because if there ever comes a situation where you can influence the outcome, the game's probably over anyway.

Some of the prices are bugged. The Advanced Radar is listed as 15,000 but only costs 10,000.

The enemies are bland and have no variation. Beyond the bombers, nothing else shows up but more level 1 fighters with better armor. I'd say what this game suffers from most is the fact that it's too one-dimensional. Sure there's many things to upgrade, but you need them all anyway, and there's a limited number of them. Most of the special powers are useless and there's no way to cancel them once you accidentally select them--clicking them again makes you spend a point on nothing. Another thing they suffer from is that power points take too long to build up, and since they're one of the only ways you can significantly influence the game, that makes it very passive.

In summation: good for maybe a little under an hour, but there's not enough to it to make it truly great.

bleh.. it'l do..

Its pretty good.. I just find myself shooting at the same target a complete waste..


Awesome...but hard. I hope ICMilk is reading these...It really does need a II / pause button. ._.

Credits & Info

3.96 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2005
9:33 AM EDT

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