Reviews for "Air Defence 3!!"

eh maybe next time

eh not my type of game

has room for improvement

i agree, the targeting system is way to complicated. some planes fly so fast u cant shoot them and even if u do, they go way to fast and have too much health for u to destroy. then on later lvls. the enemy AI just spams units, i had like 8 fighters and 5 bombers coming at me at once. the unit upgrade systems and units themselves was good. but too expensive for u to get to buy anything. expecially on later lvls when they go too fast and cause to much damage u spend all ur money on repairs rather than new units and upgrades. other than that, it could become a good game


easy at begining gets harder build lots of units at start

good and bad

I absolutely hate the targeting system. It feels rickety and sloppy against the fast moving planes that are pouring in, but the other reviewers seemed to have an okay time with it, so I'm fine with admitting that maybe I just sucked at your game. I dunno? Didn't like the feel of the targeting, though. And I didn't like it that all unites fired towards a single crosshair. It would be better if you could control the tower's targeting and your purchased units would auto-target with friendly AI.

I really like the upgrade system, though, and the veteran system is a cool idea. I think I could really enjoy this if I could learn to like that targeting.

Good but very hard