Reviews for "Air Defence 3!!"


Things I liked:

*Not having to click-fire each shot. That would have KILLED this game
*Mobile Flak Cannons having auto-targeting
*ECM tanks - these were a life saver

Things I disliked:

*Putting every dollar into damage upgrades til max, then getting other upgrades - Rate of fire, projectile speed, etc. seemed to take a backseat to raw damage.
*No pause button
*Being able to get from level 16 to 42 by auto-fire AFKing
*No way to auto-repair tanks

All in all, it was okay. A bit repetitive after a while. Didn't really last long enough to be super fun, but held my attention for 20 minutes or so.

A good chewing gum that doesnt last long enough

The idea itself is great, and so is the design and game play of the game,the music selection was simple perfect for the game-style, but what it needs is achievements something to keep the game interesting for a longer time or to motivate the player, am not sure what that would be maybe unlock a more difficult level or new items. anyway thanks for the game it was fun.

meh nothing special

meh good try for a game was enjoyable at first but started to drift off into bordem


definitely not the greatest game that i have ever played. it was a great idea but when it all came together, the money didnt really come in fast enough and that just totally set me back.

Great game!

Great style and design. To note, all Mac users can press the Command key instead of CTRL to access the building and upgrades menu, without getting the right-click mouse menu to come up.

What this game needs is some goals or achievements. Exempli gratiã, let people save a base design and then load it into a challenge level where they need to fend off some form of airborne horde. A campaign structure where completing a stage gets you a new upgrade that stays with you for every play. Also, the control tower never receives the upgrades for faster firing rates; perhaps that tower can become an interchangeable weapons base. If the map was made larger on some levels, so that players had more time to destroy the oncoming air forces, the player could instead build a warship that would sit in the middle of the map and fend the planes off, like a battlestar.

I love this game, as it has no apparent ending. Achievements would give players incentive to try and see how long they can survive.