Reviews for "Air Defence 3!!"


I remembered that when I was a kid, I used to be playing this and I defeated every mode but now I can't. I don't even know why. LOL!


I would have loved it if it wasn't so fucking impossible... could only do it on easy.. and the targeting system was a little weird


i kinda like it for the idea, but its like "Oh, hey a little plane, hahaha." then suddenly BOOM your swarmed with attack of the flying ones and the turrents are firing in Matrix mode to where you base is like "Nice day were having." to BOOM "MOOOMMYYY I HAVE A BOO BOO!" but great game


this games pretty cool but ehh i just dont like the fact that one minute 2 plane are attacking you the next 20 of them plus it take 20 direct hit to kill them its worth a 3

Sadly i can't

This game looks good but sadly i can't play it. As a default setting on my MAC OSX control + mouse click = right-click. Many people don't know how to change the setting (like me). So maybe changing how you open the menu would be a good idea. I'm giving it a five based on the ratings and the appearance of the game.