Reviews for "Air Defence 3!!"

Get the hang of it

it was sort of hard to figure out a first but once you get the hang of it it is really fun! Just by weapon damage, speed, and reload time upgrades unless your hp is below 100 then get it back up!


It was one of the best defensive games that I've played! :P

really fun!

it was really fun and a good waste of time :), allthought after a while i just became an unstoppable wall of flak but still 10/10!

Very Nice Idea

I enjoyed the game.
The idea and gameplay were well thought out, the graphics were good and i beleive the music was well fitted into the game.

Although I saw a few problems.

1. First of all, I found that upgrading reloading time, and damage (along with projectile speed a bit later) made the flak turrets nearly untouchable.
2. The missile tower (100,000 money) was generally just another turret, Fairly overpriced in my opinion.

I found quite a few things I did enjoy.

1. The gameplay was very enjoyable (and challenging) when not completely focusing on turrets. (I.E. #1 on problems list)
2. The towers that increased flak accuracy was well priced, and was well thought of.
3. I did not expect bombers to hit my turrets the first time (To my surprise when I was confused why my turrets kept dissapearing).

Although repetitive after awhile, this game proved to be a nice time spender.

My suggestions for a fourth (If there will be one)
1. A story line (such as a new world war, or perhaps an old one?)
2. Different turrets, along with rather new planes (such as fast bombers, *stealth bombers, and perhaps even fighter jets to counter the plane special.)
3. A new addition to the game. (such as destroying ICBM's heading for your country, fighting in different places, such as with the R.A.F. or N.A.T.O.)

All in all the game was excellent, I look forward to a fourth, if there will be one.

Not good

The bad guys can in too fast and got too strong too soon with the llittle bit of money I had it made it very unfun