Reviews for "Air Defence 3!!"

Wow That Was A Great Game!

You've Really Out Done Your Self Here! I'm Really Proud That You Made This Game. I Hope That Many Of Your Games Become Successful Like This One. BTW I Got To Level 24, Wow That Gets Really Hard......

ICMilk responds:

Thanks... Btw tnx for to all who reviewed!


Game is awesome, but where is the end.

w00tage duded!

I played this game for like 3 hours, i reached level 100... But i just got more and more hp and money, so i gaveup.. well... w00tage game anyway.. i wish i could create sopmething like this, if u want ot help me.. pls add my msn dotmwmax@hotmail-com, thx?

!lolerskates - max

Wow thats a great game!

I feel kinda stupid though because it took me forever to realize that i dident need to keep clicking the mouse to make the flak guns shoot. This game was really fun and it has a great replay value. Awesome job

This game was sooo fun!!!

i got to lv 72 i find it easier to start off upgrading the health units have when the go out to max then buy like 4 or more tanks then upgrade the speed of rank increase then speed of projectile, damage, and reload all evenly or however you need them during this you need to upgrade the armor and it maybe good to get over 1000 health once u get all upgrades but the 100000 one and the 90000 one i dont like the 90000 gun it takes too long to shoot and once the reload is maxed out on the normal one it goes good enough once you are going good i think it is good to have a emu tank that will slow down the planes and the tanks cna kill it. this is a good stragty, iused it to get to 72, Colonel oh yea!!!