Reviews for "Air Defence 3!!"

No pause

It's necessary to have a button to pause and resume the game

Pretty good

One of the main problems is the lack of a pause button though.

The tutorial is....

"Defende this tower..."
Not very good...lo siento....


pretty cool game


I've come back to play this game over and over and over and it has never ceased to entertain me.

Graphics: Brilliant. This game doesn't just have great features, but it takes time to make the little things like closing a window look good. Instead of it just vanishing it fades away or swoops out of the screen. I also love the site of all the menus and bars. That's a rare compliment. Great menus and bars, haha. Lastly, I love how you create the turrets and other offensive structures, they look like cartoons...but cartoons you wouldn't mess with.

Gameplay: Amazing. The progression in this game is wonderfully done. It's not too easy where you don't have to play and just watch it. But, it's not too hard where you have to restart every five seconds. My favorite part of the entire game is the number of upgrades you made available.

Sound: Fantastic. You pick very energy pumping songs that were just icing on the cake.

Overall: I wouldn't change a single damn thing. Brilliant game and I can easily say this is my favorite game on Newgrounds.