Reviews for "Air Defence 3!!"


ican even play the tutorial cuz when you press the right click it shows the stupid left click so fuckin gay

totaly ok

this game is ok,,, but i got many improvements for you to do....first why not allow your tanks to MOVE??,then the helicopters a too strong for two bullets to kill espicially basic ones. and the money to repair is quarter the price of a unit???my god cause of that i like the game just a bit. make a lot of improvements on your next TD.
they are many people cheering for you

Relax time = Unnecessary

The relax time is nigh-pointless, let alone unnecessary, now that I have all the upgrades. My tanks practically take care of themselves, and they're easy to replace, and they quickly regain ranks. Even so, I have craploads of money which I can use to buy more tanks or heal my tower (the latter being if everything screws up).

It's fun for a while, but only just for a while.
Good for stress relief, for instance if you imagine someone you hate sitting in the cockpit of every single airplane you blow out of the sky.

A minus, however, is lacking variety in enemies. There are only fighters and bombers, which is probably realistic (not that I would know), but I think we waved goodbye to realism once we had 6 flak tanks, 1 missile tank, two missile towers and one flak tower spamming projectiles at the enemy at a ridicule speed.
Plus two radar dishes which somehow increase the accuracy of the flak cannons.

All in all, good game for stress relief and time-wasting.
Needs more variety in the things you turn into scrap metal falling from the sky.


if you want something that only takes like 5 minutes to complete.

don't play if you actually look for a challenge.

not bad

after level 22 or so i had max flak tanks with one of the magnetic slow-down things, everything maxed out except for that 100k turret (which i got in the next couple of levels -- waste of money, yay base health!!) and i didnt even have to aim.. i was playing evony on a separate tab from level 26 to level 32 and still had all my tanks and more money than i could imagine.. played one more level spending the rest of my money on base health(had over 6k), and thought, "why am i still playing? i dont need to play anymore, i won 10 levels ago.. does this game have an ending??" ... but it was fun to try and get everything maxed out.