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Some people have been hacking the scorelist, just for you all to know:
Everything above 150.000 is imposible to get

We heard some complaints that the original was too hard.

So here is a n00b edition, its easier, a bit shorter, and has its own highscore list. People should now be able to finish the game easier.

Once you played this, you can play the full game. Which is much harder and longer.

Toggle quality: Q, Toggle sound: S, Toggle background: B
move: Arrow keys, Jump: Space



I like the colors its a good game but a bit laggy i prefer the hard version good game


Rather than just editing the original, you decide to resubmit again, and get another award! You should try it again, see how many you can get! CoooOooOOol!


This edition is much easier bitch, it wasnt meant for a n award or anything

really good work

This game reminds me of metaphysics, but in a good way. Though really hard I think the awsome last boss is totally worth it. Keep up the good work.


this one is not exactly the same as the other one.

other one is less laggy of course it could just be me but i dunno.
also has some bugs that needs to b fixed.

other then that it the same.


Yeah... i noticed this was is more laggy too... dunno why. Must be newgrounds

Good game, but too buggy for me.

On the "Escape" level, you should make it so that no matter where the main character hits the little red and blue dots, the character gets the extra bounce. Having the little dots pop when you hit them from the side or from a diagonal corner just makes the game TOO difficult. Fix that bug with the bounding box of the ball too. The hittest feature sometimes causes you to lose a life when you land on a solid gray platform that has a different colored platform beneath it. The bounding box of the character should not be a square if it is, it should be a circular ball. Fix that, and this will be a great game. Without that, it is simply too difficult for people to beat. I know some have probably beaten it, but it probably took a lot of lives and times playing the game through to do it. I simply do not have that time on my hands to try and put up with a glitchy game. ^_^ Fix it man, and I'll love it. Good job though!

- Incanus


I tried making a hitbox in the ball, but all the script that was meant for the ball would then work on the hitbox, and this making the game unplayable

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3.60 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2005
4:00 AM EDT
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