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Tiger form

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Yeah it has been a while since we been on...As usual it is another short movie in our free time....you don't have to review if you don't want but if so then...YAY!!!

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It is very short, but the great 3D animation is amazing and even more so with the trance music that accompanies it and even more so the preloader is epically great!!!

nice one

one word describes this one: Sweet!!
that was a pretty cool animation. i liked the graphics and audio in this one, they were quite nice, a good concept to it and it was very nice to watch.
glad to see it win an award too.

good.. :D

sound goes smoothly with the movements, music is excellent... what theme is that by the way?
graphics are awesome, movements are very well done, excluding the jump and kick sequences :P

Wow! That is as cool preloader!

i'm impressed! Excellent job! how do you make these kind of amazing things? Keep up the good work

Getting better.

I've seen definite improvement since last year, when you made LightShadow. In that work, the bullet-time effects were a little forced, and the fighting itself was very twitchy (plus, you could see the wireframe grid sometimes) In this one, you did a great job by focusing on just the one fighter, and both his movements and the camera sweeps were smooth. You also used a higher quality import into Flash, which is a welcome addition.
The music was also a nice choice, but there are ways to optimize sound size (I predict you could cut the filesize from 4.5 MBs to about 1.5) First, change the sound quality to 64 KB/s or below (use the "test" button to see if it has enough clarity) I see that you know how to set the music on Stream, so the only thing necessary is to alter the movie to fit the music. Possibly, by making more moves for the fighter to perform you could hit a suitable stopping point, or you could make full credits to account for the rest of the music.

Good job on the 3D animation. I think you're really getting the hang of it. In a while you could make a full-blown movie, so keep it up!