Reviews for "Tiger form"

Not bad at all.

I liked the animation. Was hoping it would have a little more content, but it was pretty damn nice. Can't wait to check out your other submissions. :D

((( WOW )))

That was just so cool, and awesome the 3D animation you have created here is really nice. The music goes well with the ninjas movments. The 3D graphics are really detail, and well done, i liked the newgrounds introduction the most out of your 3D animations here, and the way you made your ninja move so realistically is really nice too...

Keep up the great work...



those were sweet 3d graphics, best ive ever seen, keep up the awlsome work man!


Wow nice 3-d grapics prolly the best on new grounds is also almost looks like a vidieo game i dont wanna know how long it took you to make that short animation!


Other than the length, this was one of the finest 3-D animations on newgrounds. Keep up the good work and make a movie!