Reviews for "Tiger form"


that was awsome i no its very hard to make flash in 3d but you did it perfect amazing and the art was awsome as well great job


To Daking57, Clean up the graphics?....were used to seeing hand drawn stuff around here, for someone to actually take the time and make 3d models is incredibally impressive...great work Stealth, keep it up

okay i guess

isn't this a flash site though? why did you send a computer thing. and make the form longer or use another one. do some katas.

Not bad...not bad at all

I thought that this was pretty good! Maybe you can create the same type of flash with the same great graphics...only having the guy actually fighting somebody! That would be awesome! It was cool though!

i love martial arts

i enjoy wathching tiger form graceful and rythmic movements it remindes me of hung gar whitch it another animal based martial art