Reviews for "Tiger form"

Seemed pointless...

This submission left me feeling... bored. It seemed like there was no point to it. The graphics were pretty good, but bad choice of music and it was boring.


great, truly brilliant work! love it.


Wow man this is an awsome 3D animation.You dont see that much of 3D animation on Newgrounds so I give you a good score.Truley amazing.I hope to see more in teh future.Good luck with any future 3D animated prodjects.

Nice Soudtrack

Dutchforce - Deadline , one of my all time favorite....a little bit old, but still one of the greatest trancer ever made.

I loved your graphics, and movements, keep it up


Where'd the point go?????? lol that was cool. Neat old school computer looking graphics, and I love love ending. Pointless. I felt incredibly stupid or as if there's a big piece of life that I missed after seeing that, lol.