Reviews for "Tiger form"

i love martial arts

i enjoy wathching tiger form graceful and rythmic movements it remindes me of hung gar whitch it another animal based martial art


To Daking57, Clean up the graphics?....were used to seeing hand drawn stuff around here, for someone to actually take the time and make 3d models is incredibally impressive...great work Stealth, keep it up


those were sweet 3d graphics, best ive ever seen, keep up the awlsome work man!


nice work on this, i really liked the 3D shinobi, and the music went along with it perfectly. Great job man keep up the good work.

oh and if you get a chance , anybody , can you tell me what song that is and/or the artist is possible my eMail is Assasin234@hotmail . com


Wow! That is as cool preloader!

i'm impressed! Excellent job! how do you make these kind of amazing things? Keep up the good work