Reviews for "Tiger form"

Nice Graphix..

No point to it but the graphics are quite good. I liked the martial art, well done. Keep practicing and maybe you can pull out a real combat sometime soon :)


I have seen 3d animation before and this one is very low quality which wouldnt matter if it had somekind of a point to it. You should check out "killer bush 3d" by Thomas Lee to see how its done (just search it on NG). Anyway what 3d software did you use to make the animation? Was it "blender" by any chance?


3D animation that slick and smooth? That was great.

cant wait for the nxt one

The 3d animation was awesome, definatley some of the best 3d stuff ive seen, but it jst struck me as a tech demo offering, I no it would probably be impossible to fit a decent fight of that calibre 3d animation into the file size limit, but jeese that would be seriously amazing. Keep up the brill work, and i rly hope to see more of your submissions soon, or i cud wait if you wer preparing a 3d fight sequence, as the time spent would definatley be worth it and easily enter the newgrounds hall of fame

Excellent but...

Your 3D animation skills are excellent but you should be doing something more than just this. I think your next submission ought to be a fight. And make it much longer like, 2-4 minutes. I realize that 3D animation often takes a hell of a lot longer but it would be well worth it.