Reviews for "Tiger form"


Infact my review is probably longer than the movie. Didn't really look like tiger tecniques because there were to many flips and kicks, but it was pretty cool. It was a little off with the jumps, like he should have went a little further. It was way to short and the music didn't match. On the plus side the graphics were good exept no face and the NG tank logo thing was pretty sweet and I liked the butterfly kick but it needed to be higher. One major thing that got me was your character was like a ninja when it's suposed to be about gung-fu. Anyway, pretty good but really,really,really needed to be longer, expecially because the file is huge but when you watch the 15sec. movie all that wating seemed piontless and that's probably why you got a worse score than you deserve. I'm voting a 3, if there is a next time do Mantis, it's my favorite.

Pretty good.

I like how you made this. Great movement-it seemed natural and fluid. Next time I hope to see some storyline with this. =)

um.... do you realy suck that much?

wow! you can make 3D fighting!! oh wait fighting takes two people... if you had made that in flash i might have been impressed but since you made this using poser maybe, or 3DS max, maya? and just imported it into flash... I am realy not impressed learn to animate or find a 3D art exabtion not a flash sight and don't respond by saying that i couldn't do that because i could but don't feel like you are even worth my time to prove so.

Respond to this if you get the chance.

Just out of curiosity, what discipline is that form based on? I've never seen anything with that series of kicks? (This is of course from a white belt, lol, but still -- there's a green belt leaning over me asking the same question) The computer graphics are done well, save for some minor pausing. Might do well to lighten your background, but the sound was very well timed. Nice work.

Cool 3d

What did you use to make this? I like the style, let's see some story next time.