Reviews for "Tiger form"

Tiger form i am a martial artist

i am aquainted with the tiger forms (one of the forms from the 10 tigers) this video has a unique style wasnt that much ammusing but had a mortal kombat look to it you should try to make one maybe with a fight using tiger form or maybe using some of the other 10 tiger forms such as snake ext..... anyway nice job presenting it and tiger form is alot more than what you showed but nice anyway

Good graphics and sound

There was little point to this flash but you already said that. The graphics and sound were awesome and are what are saving this flash from a bad review right now. Great job with them but plot structures are wonderful things that are rarely seen nowadays. Anyway nice job.

pretty nice

great job with this. his movements looked great for the most part. the jumps seemd a bit awkward, however. other than that though, just great. also, the music added a lot as well. reminded me of shinobi. good work.


nice work on this, i really liked the 3D shinobi, and the music went along with it perfectly. Great job man keep up the good work.

oh and if you get a chance , anybody , can you tell me what song that is and/or the artist is possible my eMail is Assasin234@hotmail . com


At first I didn't like it

it was kinda stupid, especially when you said The End?? but when it said Yes!! it hit me in a softspot and cracked me up, so i'll be extra generous with with the score good job