Reviews for "Tiger form"


graphics were unbelievable that was sweet kinda short though


It was a cool way to show off a form of martial arts. Clean up the graphics (it seemed a lil pixilated) and make it longer maybe with a choice between different forms. I liked it!

Yeah that wasn't to bad

What style is that, i didn't like the how short the kata was. Do you know anyother styles? I know karate and my style has much longer katas, if you wanna know some i can show u in simple drawing then u can animate them.

Not bad..

Not bad, not bad at all! I like how it flows smoothly, and its a nice display of talent. Definetly woudn't slam my head into a meat grinder if I see more of your work... (unlike some others..)

Good movie

It was good, but at moments the guy seemed a little akward.