Reviews for "Tiger form"

Quite Good

This was a flash that wasn't too abd, it wasn't very long and wasn't all that short, doing this in flash could have been possibly better than a 3D program but never the less, this is a good piece of work.

hmmm Not really flash!

It was good ya... but it would have been somewhat more appealing if u had drawn it in flash rather than some 3d program... :-/
Gd wrk tho

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well done...is this a real fighting style?

graphics were awesome and the music was alright...

you could've used the guy on some enemies, it would've made it more spectacular.

pretty funny too, but its MUCH too short for a perfect one ;)


dude it was good i only liked it because i have started a style of karatee called gosokyryu about a year ago and it is like a katta good job.

Great graphics!!! but the movie is too short...

Great graphics!!! but the movie is too short for it's size, anyway, we all know why it's that big.