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My Bio Project

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Thank you for playing my previous game!

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that was great

i loved that >.< it made learning biology kinda fun :) good job i love it

That was vary good

A+ And my bio. techer would be vary pleased.

that was hard,but...

that's probably because i haven't learned any of that stuff yet,
also, you got the background music from Super Mario 64, didn't you?


OH GOD! It's high school biology all over again! *grabs his head and twitches while curled in a ball on the floor mumbling something about "I'll turn in the project tommorow, I swear..I'll do it..stop hurting me"*

Lol...but seriously....flashback stuff for me...I knew the answers (mostly)...and kudos on the old skool peanut butta jelleh.

Much <3

it was nice but

you stole the backgrounds... so a 5 for grapics