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Search out words from randomized letters in this word game!

Note - most British/American English words are covered, but there may be a few plurals and past tense words that are missing. Drop me an e-mail if you find something that should be in there!


It's not a secret, that I am a big fan of word games, so you have an easy job of it. Anyway, your word search game is a true jewel, I really like it!

Playing that game since more than ten years, funny as always, BUT WHO IS WADE?
And why do i get 1000pts for his name?

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Been playing this for TWELVE YEARS! And a lot again recently, still one of my favourite time-wasters on NG. I think my high score is somewhere in the region of 3,500. Always fun unless the you end up with all bloody consonants.

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lots of words missing... no clear purpose that I can see. better than I can make but not really worth playing over words with friends or something along those lines

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A good start I would say. it definitely needs a few tweaks as sometimes you can have hundreds of words, and sometimes you get nothing. For instance, at least 5 times I got a 'q' with no 'u' which ends up just blocking space and possibilities. Some vocabulary needs to be updated as words such as 'widen' and 'risen' weren't accepted along with most plural words(which didn't bother me so much). The gameplay is enjoyable, however I wish clicking on the last-clicked letter would un-select the letter to help save time. I enjoyed it, but it could be better. keep it up =)

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Aug 3, 2004
2:04 PM EDT
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