Reviews for "Mr Flacit's Word Search"


Am I the only one who thinks Mr.Flacit bares a strong resemblance to Dr.Wily from Mega Man? I mean that HAS to be inspired by his looks.

As for the game itself I find this game pretty fun though I wish it did accept plaural words too. Hell if this game got a sequel you could add leaderboards or online play. Not that there's any demand for it but it would be fun. That said I like this fun little time waster

526 on the 2nd try!!

No fuel? :(

Wow, haven't played this since it came out! Really enjoyable game, but could definitely use a leaderboard. Also 10 rounds is quite a hefty challenge, not that the game itself was overly long. Maybe if there were an extra row(s) of letters and a few less rounds, I'd feel better with a full-on 5 star rating. Awesome work Jim!!