Reviews for "Mr Flacit's Word Search"

no words to end in S?

So this game don't cover ALL words with S.
Missing word : Sri, Tai, cant remember already lol

Nice animation, would be good if we can type it out or press enter... otherwise it's quite tedious.. and there's no target for each level... this game is slick, but it's a waste that it is the way it is with no motivation for the players..

hope u'll improve it, i really think it is great :)


i got to write shit and tit and i gained points

Not bad but needs work

Am I expecting perfection? Yes!! Will I settle for let, yes..... Plurals are not, or seem to be not, handled. Other than that, a very fine peice of work over all. Yes, you can lose a bunch by missing out on one, or two, peices of a project.

Thing needs a better dictionary.

Summary says it all. It needs a larger dictionary. I know damn well that "yells" is a word. That's the most egregious of the ones it missed.

He's pretty sure it's not a word?

Role, Bets, Roles, and who knows how many more. Seemed like fun at first, but got aggravating quickly