Reviews for "Mr Flacit's Word Search"

A great start, but not good enough, sorry

The animation is cool, the choices of music help break the monotony of the sameness in each and every round! There is no progression of difficulty or speed, as in similar games. No minimum words per round, no how many possible words you can get per round, either, so you are pretty much sitting in the dark wether you are stuck or done. There should be a finish round button or speed up time if you are in either position. Additionally, there is only one insult that might speed things up if it reset the letters when he was done speaking. I found several words that were not recognized, most amusingly, peed (though pee was noticed) and no plural words were recognized either! There was no variance in terms of added points for longer words or a series of words hit in short succession. There really was no goal but to do the same thing at each round and ultimately get it counted at the end? A great start, but so much more can be but into this to make it rival Bookworm or other similar games. Thanks for your work though and please improve this to make it as cool as it can be!


Lovely graphics, despite the fairly banal concept. Average dictionary, better than some similar games I've played. It did annoy me a little at first that you couldn't click all the letters, but after a while it actually made it more fun and challenging. However, I think that this game would have benifited from a little more structure in its levels, rather than just the same thing 10 times.

Quite nice

I think 10 rounds is too long for a one game. 5 rounds would have been enough for sure. Quite many plurals are missing but the game looks really nice and the music isn't too bad for a game like this.

Pretty Good

I like the game and the graphics. I came across two words that the game didn't recognize. It was fun. Thanks for the game and on a side note...I think Mr. Flacit has a sexy voice.


Funny word game to play, but not too long!!