Reviews for "Mr Flacit's Word Search"

Dr. Wily?

Nice game and all, but when did Dr. Wily change his name?

great game!

i give you a 9/10 because you forgot to pluralize a lot of the words. for example, i used the word "hotels" and it didn't even register the word. other than that i have no problems with the game. keep up the good work.

Good, "but"... :-#

I give it 5/5 & 10/10 even though there are some suggestions I have - it's so much better than I could've done, so you still deserve full credit. :-)

That said, I'm not sure if/how often you update the dictionary, but if I'm not mistaken, "hoody" is a word now. That's the only full word I noticed missing I thought should be in (and if I'm wrong, apologies in advance!). Other than that, the only other thing I think the "few plurals an d past tense words" should be rephrased in the description - it appears absolutely no plurals utilizing the suffix "s" are permitted, and no past tense words - unless they are homonyms of other words that aren't plural/past tense.

I can understand keeping them excluded, though, so that's not a complaint on my part. :-)

Great game either way, thanks for making it! :-)

needs some goals

kind of boring when you really dont know what the goal is to get to the next level. And some plural words but not all? Doesnt make sense.

The reason words can't end in s...

Is beacuase (axman13) not only would the game have taken twice as long to produce, most words ending in s are what we like to call plurals. For example Dog is in the dictionary, but Dogs is not.

Take a look, it's in a book.

Also, lol at the guy using the word egregious below me.