Reviews for "Mr Flacit's Word Search"

i watched every movie will did and this usauly

his movies have at least on fuck in a sentence

didnt like it

i didnt like that u couldnt use all the letters on the board at all it was hard to see where u were going with a word i would have liked a lot more if u could use all the letters like a real word search......but thats just me


Great game, maybe add some different music and the ability to upload scores!


Alright, I'd say this was as interesting as a word finding game could be. The backgrounds&layout all looked pretty nice, and your voice acting was all great, at some places even funny.
Good luck guys, this was great.

Pretty fun word search

I loved Mr Flacit and all of the words Great job liljim and Stamper I hope to see more collaberations from the both of you soon :D