Reviews for "Mr Flacit's Word Search"

Decent, but it's missing many words. A lot of plurals. "Thins," "tints," "tops," ....those are definitely words!

Pretty decent game... I got a 361... guess I should practice some more.
It would be cool if we could compare to other scores as well.

I'm sorry, how does he not know oats is a word? Pretty good time killer though. Actually had to use my brain too!

Love the game, but the score system seems to not work. In the event it's just my system, apologies and "Never mind", but right now it's showing, for instance, 13 points for a word, but giving only 3, or sometimes adding a completely nonsensical amount. It used to work, so perhaps it's a recent upgrade to flash (or just my systems version of it). I dunno', but even so, love the game! :-)


Fun addicting little word puzzle game.
@banthafett, the "goal" is to try and get the highest score you can get after 10 Rounds, there is no goal for each individual round.