Reviews for "Mr Flacit's Word Search"

Tat was pretty good

Tat was addicting but The Guy was Soooo ANNOYing I wanted to Shoot HIm So BAD!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHhh but either way it was a good game hehe well keep on making them =D

very nice

that a very nice game u made. atho i dont much care for games like these. very challenging tho.

p.s. tabitha123 u talk way too much. this is for reviews only not for u to start complaining on others peoples posts.

good game

really good game and to the guy that got a score of 783..............straight bullshit you fucking liar lmao.....

Nice work!

This game is suberb! Although a little difficult for us non-native english speakers :( ... still it was well presented and worked perfect!


I found a few things while playing,

There are other words which score bonus other than Wade.
Letters C+V double word scores,
Z adds s*!% loads of points.

Best word so far, ZEALOT got me big points!

Is there any way to fix the minimum amount of vowels?
Very annoying coming up with only one E in a corner and scoring only 4 points for the round.

My best, 2653 with two wades. Get in!
I love this game!