Reviews for "Mr Flacit's Word Search"

You should put a rule into the generator, so it always generates at least one vowel.

Great game! Got 373 on my first try. Going to see if I can beat it. Solid game!

It's a fun game. I don't really understand the scoring though. So far my top score is 622. I got 156 points in round 10, and am not entirely sure why. There are a lot of plural and past tense words missing. I didn't keep track though.

Love this game, first time back in a while and i score a 590. Though it is frustrating sometimes to get a board with only one or two vowels available on it. In any case, this will always be a great game in my book!

To Wegra: I never noticed that before...he kinda does lol

liljim responds:

Yeah, I wanna make another game that at the very least fixes those issues.

I am addicted this now. Idk why
my top score is 695