Reviews for "Mr Flacit's Word Search"

I liked it

That was a good game. Nicely done


i've had two rounds with absolutely no words or maybe one.

Word not found: HEARD

Very good game

Although I managed to score something silly like 1,057 in my second round! (Pretty damn mad) It's a good game and always kept me thinking. Although I bloody hate it when I get 3 vowels in one corner and the rest of the letters are J's, T's and Q's (No U's next to them) bah.

BTW - the game didn't recognise Unix. ;-P But otherwise, it's such good quality you could charge people to download and play this!!!


Very nice game. Online hiscores would be great, too.

But please explain this:
Total: 1,505
Highest round: 1,046
For some reason, "wade" got me mad scores...

One bug I found: sometimes, if you click early, some letters, usually vowels, won't highlight when they should.

Nice game

But ism't "tea" a word?