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The FFF series has a new homepage, click the site link at left or jump to emudimension.com/fffanta

Despite the file size this should stream nicely even on a 56k.

I tryed something this time along the lines of the game 'ninja gaiden'. so if you know the classic game you'll get even more of a kick with this one.

and agian.. for those who are not familiar with Final Fantasy or my FFF series things can be confusing. but i try to make it somewhat enjoyable for everyone.

enjoy ^^

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I really do appreciate how the series is getting better. I couldn't seem to remember your name for some reason. It's a pretty nice username. It was just lots of fun to see these characters together. My favorite was Yuffie. I'm not just saying that because she's the one I'm most familiar with already. Although, that is part of the appeal.

I'm glad I can remember that Locke is the blue ninja now. The effects are quite good in this. It really does make me miss the days of sprite flashes. You show such good movement here. The drawn stuff is great too.


How didn't this one get at least 1 award, but the others did? This was probably one of my favorites...

Well well

Yeah,i kinda liked it,but in some parts,the talking has been too fast.

nooo not shadow

it was good but why'd u kill shadow? oh and that was good usin ninja gaiden. anyways this is a good series keep it upp


nice uses of action shots