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Reviews for "FFF:Gaiden"

The best!!!

i LOVED it! watch! it's heartwarming! great stuff keep it up! keep it up!

it made a little sense to me

the movie kicked ASS!!! It soes make sense for clyde(shadow) to let locke carry on his work because clyde said he was a thief too. another point that made sense is that locke does uses phoenix. man I yould tell you to make a sequel of this.

Much better than I expected.

At first I expected this to be another cheaply made movie, that made no sense..
but I liked the fact that he made a story between Locke and Shadow.
And it made a lot of sense for him to use Phoenix.. an amazing piece of work. A fanfic would complement it greatly.
Keep it up, sir.


You know what, kkkfn can go screw a donkey's ass for all I care; that was was a freakin' awesome movie. The best I've seen here at Newgrounds. Keep that shit up man, it's great!!!!


That took so long i fell asleep at the end too boring