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Reviews for "FFF:Gaiden"

Best of the first three.

The music rocked, and Looked great. And finally, it has more violence. The fight scenes were cool and well done.

Every FF fan should watch this

It's the best FF flash I have ever seen.I really liked the ninja showdowns and all but a few things were kinda weird. First,how could Yuffie beat Shadow?She isn't such a great ninja and Shadow had the Masamune.
Second,Locke isn't a ninja and third,How could Locke's shuriken break Edge's blade?

Out of this world!!!

A true FF fans dream, to see these characters confront each other, and to show there true skills. I applaud you.

completely amazing.

that's the best one yet. i'm watching them in order, and that one was GREAT. that goddam whore yuffie got what she needs. and my favorite FFV charactor completely owned her. and got sephoroth's sword. WHOA that was damn good. you should write anime. maybe then most of it wouldnt suck!


That was one of your best pieces of work it was koll keep them coming man!!