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Reviews for "FFF:Gaiden"

Much better.

You took a gigantic leap from #2. Just 1 thing bothered me. There is no way that Yuffie could beat Shadow. Even if you changed the story line (which is cool that you did) Yuffie still shouldn't have beaten Shadow. Other than that it was the coolest thing ever. I'm off to watch the next 1.

Woah, man... just... woah

In my opinion, this is where the series really kicks in. I know fairly little about FF3/6, but this was still very cool. Very serious, and very cool. The choreography was a little wierd, but it must've been a bitch to do, and the end result is brilliant.

Damn skippy

Well done! Yoku dekita!
Nicely coreographed. I liked the graphics, and... yuffie must die! (personal opinion) Pretty innovative for a flash parody.
Serious in it's own way and intreguing. I enjoyed it.


DUDE you are a fucking genious...The Ninja Gaiden shots...The Phoenix summon...Masterfully done
You must make more

ff 6 rules!

This one ruled ,like the other 2 ive seen so far ,i like the idea of locke becoming shadow's student(altough it doesnt fit into my FF 6 game because i let shadow blow up when i left the floating isle and the world turned to ruin.Sry bout that shadow)