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Reviews for "FFF:Gaiden"

nice mishmash of other people's artwork.

This short does the equivalent of what a DJ does: it takes other people's work (in this case, art and sound from different sources) and puts it together in a different situation. No new artwork or sound is to be seen [if I'm wrong, I apologize]... sub par overall, just not worth sitting through. I kept asking 'when is it going to get good?'

SplashKhat responds:

Your explanation is very close to the mark about a DJ, but misplaced. First i think your standards for 'good content' on newgrounds is WAY to high. if i were to write my own music and create new characters (few of the BG's are edits the rest are OG's) a single movie would take over a month to make non-stop. if i wanted to put so much effort into it i may as well make a full retail video game. the point of these movies is nostalgia and story. get off your eliteist highchair and make a video game 'remix' of your own and you'll see this movies illusion of 'simplicity' vanish and all the minor complexities shine through. if its not your style of movie then simply dont vote, you obviously fail to understand what makes a good and a bad DJ.


pretty good

This is some nice work!

Nice work! Had me on the edge of my seat trying to read the next B4 it vanished off the screen (?)

Anywayz good job, the music fits in well with the movie.