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Reviews for "FFF:Gaiden"

8bit u nooby ten year old

ng is an international site dum arse

and khat, couldnt u have made a sprite version of yuffie?

Good, but...

In America, her name is REINA! Not "Lenna"! I know that's her name in Japan, but as the biggest FF5 fan, I'm insulted by this, since this isn't Japan!

i love this

What can i say, i am a huge FF fan, and also familiar with ninja gaiden, what an awesome movie! The way this is done strikes a cord with me, the music first of all is great and fits the scenes very well. The scene after Shaodw dies is quite a creative touch to relate to the original FF6 game with him and Locke, I think it is very easy to see that connection and very believable. The fighting scenes were very cool and well done also. Most of all, I love the battle with Locke and Yuffie at the end. The music again is awesome, and I must compliment the movie's overall dialogue, especially at this end scene. I must say, every time I get there a chill runs through me. I have to also admit I have been watching this movie before practices and matches! In summary, you have to see this if you like either FF, Gaiden, or techno, and it has all 3 in a great combination.

WTF mate

What happened to manuel progression? YOU ONLY DO AUTO PROGRESSION IF YOU HAVE V.O. AND YOU DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love it

the fff series is good but this is definitly one one of the best and it looks good hell even yuffie has the 3d look that she has in ff7